Connecting Your Gmail or Google Workspace Email to Slack

With SharedInbox, you can connect and manage your Gmail or Google Workspace email in Slack. This could be a personal email account like [email protected] or a custom domain account that you have hosted on Google Workspace, e.g. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc…

Once you’ve connected your Gmail to a Slack channel, you’ll be able to receive incoming mail, reply to email, compose new mail, and assign and track emails as tasks to your team members all within Slack! 🚀

Steps to Connect a Gmail/Google Workspace Email to Slack #

  1. Go to the Connect an Email page or click Connect+ from the dashboard sidebar.
  2. Select the Gmail/Google Workspace Email icon

  3. Add your Gmail info
    Connect gmail to slack screenshot

    On the Connect your Gmail/Google Workspace email to Slack page, add the following info:
    • Account name
      Your sender name. Typically your name, or a name for the shared email, for example, “Support” or “Customer Service”.
    • Gmail or Google Workspace Email
      The email address you’re connecting to Slack.
    • Google App Password
      A secure password that you create via your Google account (not your regular Gmail/Google password). Check out our steps here for generating a Google App Password.
    • Select a Slack Channel for this inbox
      This is the Slack channel where you’ll manage your email! You’ll receiving incoming email in this channel, and be able to reply/reply all, or compose new emails, all from this channel.
      It can be a private or public Slack channel. For private channels, note you’ll need to also invite the @SharedInbox app to the channel (more info here).

  4. Click the Next > button to complete your setup
    Your email has been connected!

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Updated on January 16, 2024

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